Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy S3 | what’s new?

As we all know, in the month of February 2013 Samsung is going to revealed Samsung Galaxy SIV flagship smartphone which will join the Galaxy S series. Moreover, just few days before we received the news that Samsung Galaxy SIII was best seller in 3rd Quarter of 2012. So, what about Samsung Galaxy SIV, would it be breaking all sales records? What would be its interests? And how it will overcome present best selling smartphone i.e. Galaxy SIII. Today we brought Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy S3 comparison, which will help you in future to choose real flagship?

Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy S3 – Performance!

As we already know, Samsung is going to embed all new Adonis Exynos 5400 series chipset in Galaxy S4 which would be better than present Exynos 4410 chipset of S3. As per the news, new chipset will not only improve the processing performance but it will be more energy efficient. On other hand, in physical memory (RAM) SIV is leading with 2GB RAM whereas, S3 is only featuring 1GB RAM. In simple word, Galaxy SIV is verdict over S3 without any doubt.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy S3 – Camera!

This year, S3 has already impresses people all around the globe with its camera performance and quality. No doubt Galaxy SIII has one of the best cameras among all smartphones. But SIV would be the verdict in the ear of camera as well with its 13MP sensor with 1080p @60FPS video recording.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy S3 – Display!

S3 consists of HD ready display (1280 x 720 pixels) – 4.8inches. But what about Galaxy SIII, of course Galaxy S4 would feature better display not only in terms of resolution but with better color rendering and brightness. Upcoming flagship will have 5inches display not less in the pixel density as compare to S3.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Galaxy S3 – Battery backup!

Galaxy SIII is featuring 2100mAH battery which supports already a long battery life but in case of Galaxy SIII the battery rating would be increased to 2800 mAh. In this battery rating the expected battery backup for 5inches smartphone is more than 15 hours. So you can judge who is better.

This was all regarding Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 war of smartphones.

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